pcxFirefox 27.0 is released

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pcxfirefox 27.0

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SSE2 edition contains en-US, zh-CN, zh-TW, ja

  • Features:
    • 1) SSE2: Newer processor that supports SSE2 ( x64 edition optimize for x64 CPU );
      SSE3: Newer processor that supports SSE3 including Intel and AMD CPU, specially on Intel CPU, AutoTune for SSE2/SSE3/SSSE3/SSE4.1/SSE4.2/AVX/CORE-AVX2/CORE-AVX-I
    • 2) Introduce tete009′s multithread and portable feature depending on his tmemutil module
    • 3) Implement config.trim_on_minimize on Vista+ OS again, but set it to false by default
    • 4) Embedded WMP plugin. (x64 has no embedded plugin)
    • 5) Provide a tmemutil alternative open source module tmemutil-3rd.dll, whose source code is hosted in https://github.com/xunxun1982/pcxfirefox/tree/master/tmemutil-3rd ( initial upstream source code comes from https://code.google.com/p/libportable/source/browse/ )
  • Additional Fix:
    • Maybe fix SSE3 edition random scroll crash issue ( thanks to twollah’s feedback ).
  • Build Method Improvement
    • 1) BetterPGO
    • 2) Apply PGO to nss3.dll
    • 3) SSE3 edition is built using Intel Compiler with IPO and PGO
  • About tmemutil.dll
    • You can see tmemutil-sample.ini for settings example.
  • About tmemutil-3rd.dll
    • If you want to use the alternative tmemutil-3rd.dll, please delete tmemutil.dll first and rename tmemutil-3rd.dll to tmemutil.dll, and all of their setting files are tmemutil.ini tmemutil-3rd.dll’s new feature compared to tete009′s tmemutil.dll is
      • 1) Security Enhancements ( SafeEx=1 ), if you don’t know what it is, you should keep SafeEx=0
      • 2) Process White List ( Prevent some API hook and Browser overflow attacks, EnableWhiteList=1 ), if you don’t know what it is, you should keep EnableWhiteList=0
      • 3) Provide another two Environment Variables ( TmpDataPath and NpluginPath )
      • 4) Provide Bosskey function ( Bosskey=1 ), you can refer to https://code.google.com/p/cppinfo/wiki/about_portable_configuration_file?tm=6#%E7%83%AD%E9%94%AE%E4%BD%BF%E7%94%A8
      • 5) Provide another portable mode ( Nocompatete=1 ), whose portable path is very shallow
    • If you want to use the tmemutil-3rd.dll, you can refer to tmemutil-3rd-sample.ini, modify it and rename it to tmemutil.ini
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